15. David Eager Maher

15. David Eager Maher

The design for my plate is constructed using gold leaf and applied in a way that is rough and shows cracks. Above this is a silhouette image of a potato plant, painted in a solid black form, that has echoes of botanical illustration. The function of the image has a duality, being both whimsical and loaded. The surface orientation and deeper orientation correlate with one another. On the surface the plate can be encountered as a beguiling object, the imagery is suggestive of the potato blight. I was interested in making an object that resonates with the idea of illusion and it’s close companion delusion. Both of these aspects are inherent in the casino and the mind set of the colonial privileged classes.

David’s practice considers the possibilities of drawing, by combining his world view with the historicity of imagery and a contemporary visual culture awareness, his drawings function as a quasi description of time. Ideas and narrative are conjured through subject matter, surfaces, materials and deliberately adapting various historic drawing techniques. Having initially trained as a fabric painter, David then studied Classical Animation before going on to receive a BA and MFA in fine art painting, he is directly informed by all of these disciplines. Based in Dublin, David is currently undertaking a residency at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios ( 2011 – 2015). His work has been included in commercial gallery and museum exhibitions in Ireland and Internationally. Including the Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane and Scope Art Fair Basel, 2011 and 2012, Scope Art Fair Miami 2013. He is the recipient of several awards and his work is held in many international private and permanent collections.

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