14. Nathalie du Pasquier

du Pasquier

…using that ‘azzurro’ blue that for me has to do with the time the casino was built, i have put together these rotating hard edges shapes that are there as symbols for all the new ideas that were emerging with the illuminism and were still very much at the stage of abstract ideas…anyway first of all I wanted to design a nice plate ……white…

Nathalie du Pasquier by Pascal Moscheni-1 - CopiaNathalie Du Pasquier was born in Bordeaux (France) in 1957, she has lived in Milan since 1979. Until 1986 she worked as a designer and was a founder member of the Italian design group Memphis. She designed numerous “decorated surfaces”: textiles, carpets, plastic laminates as well as some furniture and objects. In 1987 painting became her main activity.

Apart from all the exhibitions with the Memphis group, she has been showing her work mainly in Hong Kong from 1989 until 2009 with Le Cadre Gallery, in Ireland with Rubicon Gallery and Fenderesky and in Italy in various places. She paints still lifes with objects and in the last years has been building abstract compositions to be represented.

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